Durability from Groenlo

We are a producer of high-quality precision mechanical components and assemblies. We believe that durability is a key differentiator in the business we operate in. Therefore durability is fully integrated in our company and the way we operate.

Durability in production: Metals are the predominant part in our production of high quality precision mechanical components. The demand for metals is increasing rapidly. Mining and production activities expand, and with that also the environmental consequences of metal production. Therefore HFI is always looking for ways to reduce the amount of metals or metal loss in producing mechanical components. Can we make your component in the quality you demand but use less material or less energy in production? With this question you will be confronted with when doing business with HFI. The waste that comes from production is obviously recycled.

Durability in design: The best way to use as less as possible raw materials like metals is to make components and sub-assemblies that stand out. In quality and in durability. We believe that a more sustainable world starts in the design phase. If we cooperate with our clients and combine our extensive knowledge of material design and production technology we can make better, lighter and more durable products.

Durability in business relations: We at HFI believe that better and more durable products and components come from deep knowledge and understanding of our clients business. We can only create a durable and profitable business together. Therefore we always invest in the relation with our clients . Our client base is long lasting and everywhere in the world.

Durability in efficiency: In the HFI company culture, continuous process improvement is central. As a result, shorter lead times and a higher output are made possible, among other things. Not only do our clients expect us to supply high-quality precision mechanical components and assemblies, they also expect the right number to be delivered at the right moment. Whether a couple of hundred or a hundred thousand components are involved does not make a difference to HFI. We strive for the best possible efficiency and an optimised process. We are proud of an average delivery performance number of more than 98%.

Durability in costs: The time where durability was one-on-one associated with higher costs is long past. The higher scarcity of materials combined with the use of energy in production and transport makes a more durable approach often very cost efficient. This cost efficiency is important but let’s not forget the long term. If we combine our knowledge and start producing more durable, we together can build a more sustainable future.