For many years, HFI has been involved in the development and serial production of high-quality components. Our extensive automation and robotisation provide maximum efficiency. We take our role and responsibility as an extension of your production process very seriously indeed. By implementing process improvements together with our clients, their output and profitability are increased dramatically.

One of the markets in which we work is the automotive industry. This market is characterised by a high level of efficiency. In this market, HFI is known for its capabilities, high delivery performance and high quality.

At our production sites, we carry out all known and lesser known machining, installation and assembly work.

As part of the stock market listed Aalberts Industries, we can also take over the entire production process for components, by integrally outsourcing other types of processing to our sister companies, for example, heat and surface treatments, deep hole drilling, engineering, casting processes, punching and vacuum brazing. This way, you retain one point of contact, but you benefit from all the processing options and expertise available within Aalberts Industries.

Below you will find several examples of work on (composite) products.

Sensor holder

  • Industry: measurement and control
  • Material: Aluminum, ultrasonic testing
  • Processing: CNC turning, deburring and packaging per item
  • Dimensions:  18 x 18 x 4 mm

Corrugated pipe flange

  • Industry: oil and gas
  • Material: SS316
  • Processing: CNC turning, numbering and assembly pin
  • Dimensions:  rd 100 L=95 mm

Optics block

  • Industry: measurement and control
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Processing: CNC turning, tumbling and packaging per unit
  • Surface treatment: cleaning and packaging per unit
  • Dimensions:  rd 65 L=60 mm


  • Industry: automotive
  • Material: 34Mn5 induction hardened
  • Processing: CNC turning, grinding, belt grinding, lasering, cleaning and packaging per unit
  • Surface treatment: chrome plating and super-finishing
  • Dimensions:  rd 35 L=580 mm


  • Industry: measurement and control
  • Material: SS316L
  • Processing: CNC milling, deburring, numbering and packaging per unit
  • Surface treatment: electrochemical polishing
  • Dimensions:  rd 60 L=60 mm

Measuring drum

  • Industry: oil and gas
  • Material: SS316, SS303
  • Processing: CNC turning, mounting hub, mounting ring magnet and packaging per unit
  • Dimensions:  rd 110 L=75 mm



HFI performs a wide range of types of processing of a wide range of materials such as metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics. In addition to machining, we specialise in, for example, installation, bonding, cleaning and cleanroom packaging. Below you will find a selection of common types of processing. Of course, we are happy to tell you more about the full scope of our activities and capabilities.

(CNC ) turning

(CNC / 5-axis) milling


Proto parts




3-D measuring

Electrochemical polishing

Orbital welding

Cleanroom packaging


We would be pleased to contact you with regard to your specific challenges and questions. We are happy to call you but if you wish to contact us directly, please do so via the contact page.