Further investments through qualification of precision components

How do we, as a Global Tier-1 Supplier, always ensure to remain a leader in various markets? We do this by constantly innovating, optimising, investing and qualifying! As a result, we have distinguished ourselves in various markets for years. We continue to invest in our employees and machinery, and optimise our automation projects. In this blog, we talk about HFI’s recent investments for the automotive market.


We previously reported on the purchase of two new Puma TT1800SY machines by Dormac CNC Solutions. We are proud to inform you that from now on we are putting a fully automated processing line into service. What does this mean? HFI is committed to expand automation of the production process, of which our automated processing line is part. In addition to the two advanced turn-mill combinations, our processing line includes various robots, automated warehouse units, cleaning units, a specialised horizontal honing machine and fully automatic measuring setups.

The uniqueness of this automated processing line enables HFI to achieve a consistent high level of quality and production volume, 24/7. After CNC turning and CNC milling, the components are horizontally honed on our Sunnen SH-4000 machine. This machine is particularly suitable for honing products made from aluminium and high-quality steel alloys.

We are proud to use our specialisation in the serial production of high-quality precision components for our customers even more effectively. With this automated production line, including horizontal honing machine, we now have an even larger part of the entire production process in-house. We offer our customers an even higher level of quality, flexibility and delivery performance.


Prior to these investments, our team worked hard on a new addition to the HFI product range. For over a year and a half, our team has worked with external qualification agencies and various customer project teams to establish the quality of the products and our production processes. After a very intensive qualification and audit process, these products were successfully released for volume production.


For our (future) customers, working with one supplier of various precision mechanical components will result in:

  • minimisation of quality risks;
  • shorter production processes;
  • higher agility and the ability to respond quickly to market developments.

HFI thus distinguishes itself as a Global Tier-1 Supplier of specialised markets, such as Automotive, Measuring & Control, Medical, Semicon & Optics and general high-quality Machine Building.

At HFI we are very proud of the developments of the past year. These developments enable us to offer our customers further chain integration, more flexibility and shorter delivery times. Are you curious about the developments at HFI or would you like to know what we can do for you? Please contact us at sales@hfibv.nl.