Oil and gas

The safe and successful extraction of oil of gas depends entirely on the equipment and materials used, while, at the same time, our entire society is fully dependent on the stable extraction and transportation of these fuels and raw materials. Yet this already demanding market is constantly moving as extraction becomes increasingly difficult and thus more costly due to various factors. The market therefore requires innovations that improve exploration, extraction or transportation. Of course, a reliable supplier is essential, but an even more important factor is a partner that contributes towards the challenge that is so essential for your position in the market. For years now, HFI has worked for large international players in your market that know they can rely on us, and not surprisingly, we are proud of the performance we have delivered as well as our reliability.

Innovation in the use of materials, production processes and quality control.Marcel Duistermaat - Sales Engineer
Reliable and innovative

We are, of course, fully informed of the increasingly strict requirements in this market, and we try to anticipate these through innovation in the use of materials, production processes and quality control. HFI has experience and expertise in the processing of regular metals, but also works with non-magnetic materials, stainless steel, various duplex and Inconel variants and titanium. Our processes and methods naturally comply with the requirements of all the certificates that are applicable in your market.

Mark de Keijzer

HFI is part of Aalberts Industries, within which a special team of companies specialises in the oil and gas market. This means that, in addition to being able to perform the (machining) processes of the most specialist materials, we are also able to handle very complex processes and high-end welding work in close cooperation with our sister companies. In addition, it is also possible to have the most specialist heat and surface treatments performed within the group. So we are capable of taking over of a large part of the production process from you.

We would be pleased to contact you with regard to the challenges now facing you to discuss how we can contribute to your solution.

Measuring and calibration

The measurement and control technology market is typified by the words ‘smaller and finer’, which simply means that accuracy increases, while the dimensions of the components become smaller. This may be self-evident, but in a market where people speak of microns instead of millimetres, such requirements have far-reaching consequences for the choice of materials, processes and quality, among other elements. HFI makes innovations possible by working with you to develop optimised batch production of components and via its continuous innovation in the field of quality and precision.

Each new challenge ensures that the quality and precision we provide increase further. Thus, not only are we familiar with the machining processes of the most diverse and exotic materials, we also supply products that comply 100% with your quality requirements. In addition to this, providing quality means that we are also able to take care of assembly, cleaning and cleanroom packaging.

Larger numbers higher precision

Another central point of attention within HFI is the optimised batch production of components. This creates specific process improvements such as: reducing the number of fixtures for the product, manufacturing several components from one single unit, or the integral performance of additional production steps. These improvements lead to a significant reduction in production and material costs and significantly lower handling and transport expenditure. We will also be pleased to take care of other stages in the production process, examples being: electrochemical polishing, orbital welding and assembly.

Our problem-solving ability and our focus on quality make HFI an essential partner that is able to contribute towards your breakthroughs and competitive position. For a number of prestigious clients, we are an integral part of their production and development process, and we have the certificates required to supply to your markets as well.

We would be pleased to contact you about your challenges in the field of product and processes and will be delighted to show you what we can contribute.


We know the expression: “a well-oiled machine”, but we also know that experts in the automotive industry no longer strive for this. As it happens, we strive for the best oiled machine! We are looking for the minor improvements that ensure there is less wear and tear, that there is a better surface quality and that production costs are lower. This is an attitude that has characterised and penetrated the entire group. As a supplier to this demanding industry, HFI is continually searching for opportunities to optimise the process, thus achieving minor improvements. We immediately see this reflected in our production processes, but also in our stock management, delivery reliability and quality control.

We make a difference by seamlessly integrating our processes into your chain.Theo Boks - Director
Small improvements great results
Quality control in batches

A project that demonstrates this is our superior line for the manufacturing of components for the front forks of motorcycles. For this project, we had to meet predefined requirements in relation to material and production costs but could make a difference by limiting transportation and inventory costs and creating full integration into the client´s chain. By fully automating the line using robots we also succeeded in keeping quality at a constant level while achieving a marked increase in efficiency.

HFI supplies the right amount of precision mechanical components of the right quality at the right time; this is what ´just-in-time´ means to us. If necessary, we even take over additional stages from your production process to fit even better into your production chain and increase efficiency. In concrete terms, this means we are a partner that makes a significant contribution to your processes and we therefore add value.

Marcel Duistermaat