Medical component manufacturing

HFI is a world-class supplier in terms of the development and manufacturing of medical components. HFI as manufacturer is employing a wide range of technologies to ensure optimal configuration of components, composite products or even sub-assemblies. Of course, quality and precision are crucial.

For the medical market, HFI works in close collaboration with customers that provide solution for, among others, high-voltage connectors that are used in X-ray devices of the most renowned original equipment manufacturers. We have also been a yearlong supplier of high-precision, cirital parts used in eyesurgery equipment.

“Quality, reliability and cost-efficiency are distinguishing HFI as a supplier in medical markets.”


  • Size: Ø4mm teruggedaaid naar Ø0.5mm x 70mm
  • Material: 1.4310
  • Process: CNC turning, packaging

Cable connector

  • Size: Ø70 x 105mm
  • Material: CuZn39Pb3
  • Process: CNC turning, Chrome plating, assembly, measurement report and packaging

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