Semicon & Optics

Our customers that are active in these markets are characterized by a high capacity for innovation. They are looking for a supplier that is able to collaborate on various innovations in terms of productquality and reliability. HFI is producing precision parts that end up in chip production equipment, optical laser instruments and scanners.


Parts produced by HFI are of the highest quality, this applies to the functionality and reliability as well as cleanliness. Our expertise  on a component level for these markets is readily made available to our customers, both in the engineering phase as well as in production, assembly and logistics.

“A consistent delivery reliability of >98% distinguishes HFI as thé partner in markets where continuity across the whole chain is key.”

Flange base

  • Size: Ø180mm
  • Material: 1.4305
  • Process: Sawing, CNC turning, CNC milling, measurement report and packaging

Lens holder, 4 parts

  • Size: 9 x 17.3 x 24mm
  • Material: Aluminium 6082
  • Proces: CNC turnin, CNC milling, Anodize, measurement report and packaging

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